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Asset Revitalisation and Portfolio Management

The Matrix Healthcare Solutions (MHS) team have a proven track record in product redevelopment and revitalization. At both the regional and global levels, the MHS management team have revitalized a number of major brands worth millions to billions of U.S. dollars (USD). This has been based on a sound, combined understanding of asset revitalisation and portfolio management.

A key driver in this sensitive marketing area is the security of an unbroken supply network, ensuring products reach physicians and patients to guarantee that no damage is caused to the brand equity. It is also crucial in maintaining relationships with stakeholders and the original owner. This is where the MHS team excels.

With a global presence and robust experience in product development and redevelopment, the MHS team can manage both the supply and distribution of products at truly global scales. If you need any more information, simply contact a member of the team today.