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Inception, Planning and Pre-Clinical Activities

Before your study begins, Matrix Healthcare Solutions (MHS) professionals will assist with your foundational clinical trial design activities. Inception and planning are among our core competencies, and we are fully prepared to help you with various pre-clinical activities and clinical trial design planning, from therapy identification to device compatibility assurance.

Therapy Identification

MHS professionals can support you in identifying the best and most suitable sources of AIMP’s (Authorised Investigational Medicinal Products / “Comparators”) and AAMP’s (Authorised Auxiliary Medicinal Products / “Co-Medicines”) during clinical trial design.

Device Compatibility Assurance

Our ancillary specialists are committed to holistic support throughout the clinical trial design process. They will ensure that any devices supplied for your study are compatible with the appropriate therapies, your site’s local language, and the local power supply.

Clinical Trial Design with MHS

If you would like to learn more about the inception, planning, and pre-clinical support that we offer at MHS, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.