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Key Opinion Leader Management

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are respected sources of information with sufficient interpersonal communication skills to exert influence on key decision-making processes in the pharma industry. A standard KOL does not exist because the clinical contexts and the social networks differ across specialties, institutions, and geographic locations. Thus, the identification of KOLs can vary by site, situation, and regional preferences in the global pharma industry.

KOLs often represent an untapped resource to ensure that patients receive medical care based on the best evidence. Historically, the delay from trial publication to incorporation into consensus statements and guidelines can extend beyond a decade.  Even then, guideline-directed care is often neglected. KOLs can offer one bridge to span the knowledge translation gap via early adoption of new evidence and subsequent influence on the majority of a clinical group.

MHS: Adding Value with Pharma Industry KOL Management

The Matrix Healthcare Solutions (MHS) management team has decades of experience and expertise in KOL management, from identification to simple advisory boards, through to the design of research and development projects (Phase1-111). MHS is there to support.

If you need any information about MHS’s expertise in the global pharma industry, simply contact a member of the team today.