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Late-Phase Clinical Trial Solutions

Late-phase clinical trial solutions are a key part of what we do at Matrix Healthcare Solutions (MHS). Following inception and early phase clinical trial solutions we provide an ongoing service that evolves with the specific needs of distinct trials and studies.

MHS Late-Phase Clinical Trial Solutions

MHS clinical trial solutions evolve with the changing needs of customer studies. Supply routes are upscaled in line with increasing product demand and our project management team work alongside sponsors and clinical research organisations (CRO’s) to ensure that the required clinical trial supplies are available onsite in time for patients.

We recognise that managing a late-phase study is costly, so we focus on providing clinical trial solutions that limit wastage of AIMP’s/commercial therapies, and devices.

In many cases, and even for studies that we have not had the responsibility of supporting, our team are able to reposition excess clinical trial stock, so the sponsor can capitalise on otherwise written-off assets.

If you require any further information about our late-phase clinical trial solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team.