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Why partner with us

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Market Leading Supply Network

Our team of experts continue to develop a global sourcing network that consists of key partners in over 50 countries. Extensive product reach allows MHS to access therapies where many companies simply cannot.

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Ethical Sourcing

Ethics remain at the heart of our sourcing strategies. Our company ensures that any materials supplied or sourced have not been diverted from a patient or healthcare provider that requires them.

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Global Presence

The addition of Matrix KK (Japan) further expands MHS’ Global Presence in the Asia – Pacific region. Our team recognise that, to retain our competitive advantage in Clinical Supplies, we must be able to respond to requests in local time zones and in local languages, with local experts

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Value for Money

MHS customers benefit from the assurance that all prices are fair and agreed in an open environment. The negatives of ‘price-gouging’ permeate the pharmaceutical industry in a way that is often impossible to repair. MHS ensures that the costs of services rendered, and products procured always stand up to scrutiny and in most cases; are lower than market competition.

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Secure Supply Chain

The effects of Falsified & Counterfeit medicines can be devastating to Clinical Trials and – most importantly – patients. The MHS supply chain is subjected to the highest possible level of scrutiny. All of our key supply partners are audited and re-inspected regularly.

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Patient Centric

Almost every medicine we supply is used therapeutically, in a patient. MHS does not prioritise higher priced procurement projects over, equally as important, less valuable opportunities.

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Experienced Management Team

Our leadership team have over 100 years of service in and to the Pharmaceutical industry. We have a breadth of knowledge, developed in service to over 20 companies. Our executives have founded start-ups, launched some of the world’s best-selling pharmaceuticals, new and niche products and have been key drivers and leaders of several companies and in numerous stock market flotations.

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Raising the Bar

Over the past ten years, we have observed elements of the pharmaceutical industry – in particular, Clinical Trial Supples – become transactional and commodotised. The importance of delivering critical medicines to patients in studies that are pivotal to development, advancement and betterment of Human Medicines should not be undervalued.

Wherever possible, our team seek to better the standard of supply and ultimately ‘do the right thing’ by our partners, patients and the next generation of medicines.